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Exhausted by multiple shopping trips?

Local Supply Hub is a quicker and more convenient way to buy groceries online in bulk.

About the founder of Local Supply Hub, Tracey Hirschhorn

Tracey is a mum of three and owner of Local Design Hub, a creative studio in Sydney's North Shore providing design, marketing and high-impact communications. As a mum and businessperson, she knows first-hand the constant juggle of trying to keep on top of an ever-growing to-do list for work, school and home.

Time and money savings
“I found that I was constantly going to the shops to purchase groceries because we’d run out…AGAIN! I felt that these trips were a waste of precious time because life is hectic with a young family especially during the current Covid 19 crisis.  There had to be a better way, and that’s how I had the idea to start the business. Local Supply Hub is the answer for busy families like mine. We offer bigger quantities so that your family doesn’t run out of essential items quickly, which means you save time (no more running to the shops after school pickups) and money (better prices because we buy direct from the wholesaler).

Support local businesses
We stock all the well-known Australian brands that you and your family love. Local Supply Hub helps our communities and neighbours build and grow their own businesses by giving them a platform.

How it works
All the products we sell are listed on the website (quantity and price). All you have to do is choose what items you’d like to order, make payment and wait for your order confirmation. It couldn’t be easier.

Home deliveries
Minimum order value for all home deliveries is $150 plus a $10 delivery fee. All orders over $250 will be free delivery. Delivery times will be between 7am – 4pm Monday – Friday. Please allow a 48 hour lead time for all deliveries.

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Are you a local business struggling in the current environment? Do you want access to a new or larger clientele to sell your products? Get in touch via email or phone and we will send you more info.